Cellulose Nanacrystal Concrete


Cellulose is a natural substance found in many plants, some marine species, and microscope bacteria (3). This substance is what gives a plant the ability to stand strong and create a solid foundation (2). This substance can be formed into small nanocrystals and then inserted into the mixture of concrete. The image above shows these nanocrystals very close up embedded into concrete (3). Concrete is already innovative, but by adding these small nanocrystals it creates more strength, better impact resistance, and also more flexibility. Since cellulose is found naturally this brings a whole new picture to going green, this makes cellulose concrete more ecofriendly than modern day concrete (1). Many cities around the world are looking for ways to be greener and this cellulose nanocrystal concrete could apply to the wants of modern day society, architects, and customers. These nanocrystals are also easy to harvest and are abundant making costs stay relatively low. Another very exciting thing this cellulose concrete presents is being able to hold in hydration, many concretes today can become dry and tend to break due to exposure of pours. When this breakage happens the concrete is then wasted and more must be made. When using cellulose concrete these breakages don’t occur as often and less material is needed for projects (3). Not only does this cellulose concrete surpass the expectations of normal concrete but it also makes the material even more innovative than it already is! Using this material isn’t just about the building possibilities though, it can also influence our society and our actions. This shows that we can move into a more natural and ecofriendly way of living, and because of that people could be influenced to be greener and more conscience of the way materials are used today.


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(3) “Plant-Based Cellulose Super Material Is as Stiff as Steel.” Inhabitat Green Design Innovation Architecture Green Building. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2016.



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