Putting Up With Technology



Technology is great… when it works. In a society that is monopolized by technology, it is hard to imagine what would be a very different world without it. Technology has made life easier in numerous ways, but it cannot be denied that it does have its glitches. Spotty phone service, computer crashes, and internet that seems to almost always fail when trying to upload homework last-minute have become accepted and expected parts of people’s daily routines. But why is this? Jimmy Guterman explains that technological imperfections have become a normal part of our lives “because of the perceived benefits, but also because technology has changed the way we perceive time” (25). In most cases, I would agree that technological benefits outweigh the costs. I would much rather have to take my car in to get it fixed, than to not have a car and walk miles to get anywhere. Guterman’s second point is where it gets more interesting. The need for immediate results, a greater ability to multitask, and a constant connection to almost everything and everyone has drastically changed how we use our time and structure our days (Guterman 25). No, technology is not perfect, but it is something we have learned to live with.


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Jimmy Guterman, “Technology in America,” PC Magazine, March 12, 2002. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1167692,00.asp


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