The Future of Wi-Fi: Li-Fi


Have you been having slow internet?  Those forever loading pages and random disconnections always getting in the way of your work?  Well you can say goodbye to your conventional router because LED Wi-Fi lights are here!  Known as ‘Li-Fi’ these lights can provide you internet access from a simple light fixture in the ceiling of your room. These lights work by flashing signals in binary towards a light receptor that would then send a message to your computer.  Also, since these lights send data through light in the form of a beam, there is very little lost data in the transfer.  Unlike today’s Wi-Fi which uses radio-waves, the Li-Fi would not be interfered by other electronics in your house sending out interfering radio-waves.

As technology progresses and programs like streaming and gaming become more popular, standard Wi-Fi will not be able to keep up with all of the data transit that is moving through your router.  Data backing up in the router and packet loss is a concern in the world of connections nowadays.  Having this as a standard in places like enterprises and universities, where latency is a real problem, would greatly increase the speeds at which people can traverse the web and watch their favorite shows seamlessly.



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