MicroLouvre is an innovative solution to the greenhouse effect and saving energy. Fine bronze wire is woven together to create this mesh material. It is used for shading buildings, keeping the temperature cool, and getting rid of glares. The reason this material is innovative is because it saves energy and money by cooling down buildings, rather than using the air conditioning. “MicroLouvre™ Solar Screens, on a vertical surface, shade 100% of all direct sun above 40° and blocks 86% of the heat” (Smartlouvre). However, natural light and ventilation is still able to come through. It also doubles as a bug screen. It comes in a variety of colors to make it visually pleasing. This is a good material because of its multipurpose qualities, and the fact that it saves money and reduces energy consumption. Another reason this is a good material to use is because it is made from recycled material and is durable. Previous conventions it surpasses are air conditioning and window blinds because it naturally cools down a building and blocks or absorbs sunlight. A drawback of this material is that it is not renewable. However, the pros of this material outweigh the cons. Overall, I think this material should be widely used, because we have a responsibility to protect our earth by using environmentally friendly products and reducing energy consumption. This product does just that and more.

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