New Possibilities and Opportunities Created By Translucent Concrete


Since 19th century, concrete have been one of the most important and frequently used construction material. Recently, a new type of translucent concrete was produced and gave this large material family more flexibility and possibility.

Translucent concrete was a mixture of regular concrete and fiber glass. It was firstly commercialized and developed by Hungarian architect Aron Losonczi in 2011. Translucent concrete blurred the stereotype of concrete. It shifted concrete from a cold, heavy, strong material into a hysterical and silent screen.


Translucent concrete offered concrete more possibilities. It allows concrete to be more than just supporting or enclose structure. Architects applied them as glazing, interactive device and landscape structure. It also offered structure an opportunity to interact with surrounding environment based on time: during the day, facade of structures are screens. Sunshine project shadow of trees and rocks onto the wall and allows viewer see a blurred nature. During the night, light project people’s’ activities onto the wall. It allows environment view the space inside but kept privacy of internal space and give internal space a hysterical and ambiguous aesthetic.

Day and Night of Italian Pavillion for EXPO 2010

In addition, translucent concrete pushed boundary of application of concrete. translucent allows this material be used in lighting devices and shading devices. Further more,  since fiber glass is a key component of it, weight of this material is not as heavy as regular concrete, which make translucent concrete an acceptable furniture material.



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