Spinning a new future.

overall diagram

As Friedensrich hundertwasser once stated “The straight line is godless” and the environment that we live in today looks alien to the world that existed before it.  Our cities appear as if they have come from another place, so we to console ourselves by fabricating greenspace in an attempt to recreate a semblance of the natural environment that was lost.  Through the application of highly malleable plastic and composite materials we have the potential to create more evocative natural forms in the world around, though the materials themselves would not have been formally associated with being natural.

The ICD ITKE pavilion is a combination of technical and material advancement that allowed for biomimicry in a way that has a greater impact than many other processes before.  Biomimicry through material advancement allows us to look for inspiration and applications in areas that had been less frequently explored using traditional construction methods.  These new types of structures allow designers to create more natural connection between the built environment and the structures around us as well as creating awareness of the world around us beyond the confines of our cities.

Furthermore the synthetic plastic materials used in this design are supported not only by innovation in the materials application of design but also through new technologies that allow us to more accurately map and apply these materials to their greatest potential and as such having a smaller impact on the environment around us due to increased efficiency and decreased waste. They also rely on the research of natural processes in non-human built natural architecture giving us a better understanding of the world around us.

Source material found at archdaily (http://www.archdaily.com/770516/icd-itke-research-pavilion-2014-15-icd-itke-university-of-stuttgart.)

Photo credit to ICD ITKE


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