Technological innovation’s price



“These bricks combine 3-D printing and ceramics, and because they don’t require a mold, can easily be built into unique patterns.”{1} This kind of material open a new world for designers and builders. I think good design will give positive feeback to designers to help them make much more possibilities. This X-shape new material can let us created much more complex structure, surface, connections and so on. But more importantly, the way we create it. It was made by 3-D printing and ceramics technology. We have to say there a high cost of 3-D printing today. Imagine if we use this material to build a whole facade, how much we shall cost. So my point is technology innovation today should have more concerns on economic sides. If we want to let a technology be useful, popular and impress the world. We should make it reliable. Not only concern its design process or its firmness, but also concern if it affordable. But I think it will be solve in years. For instance, when the iron skeleton first time show up on the world, the price of it must be pretty high. However, we use iron skeleton to build our structure for buildings like a routine. In addition, I think this new brick will create a new level of connection for building and lights. The repeated holes based on different design will let the outside lights come into the building in different patterns. This remind me of the pattern of lights which go through leaves and reach the ground under trees. That kind of light conditions make me relax. The brick can be material and symbol of category designs of rest station.



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