Transparent Ceramics


Week 1, Louis Masonick

We know ceramics to be used in home decor for plates, vases, pots, etc. This is because it is a tough, yet still versatile material. I would have never thought that ceramic could be made into a transparent material with the possibility to replace glass. You might be wondering the significance of this, let me tell you.
Ceramics are superconductive, heat-resistent, and are super strong so they have the ability to be used in armor,  jet engine coating and other uses that require similar function.

Although transparent ceramic wouldn’t have much use for armor, the real be nifty is in the replacement of glass. Since ceramic is heat resistant, this would lower heating costs for buildings. Since ceramic is also very tough, this would require thinner material to be used on window panels and lengthen the life of said panels since there would be less of a need for repair.


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