Weekly Journal 1

accelerating-growth-in-technology-asgard-vc_Does society need technology to advance as a whole? I think it depends on your definition of technology. Technology is defined as scientific knowledge that is applied for practical purposes, or in fewer words, anything that makes our lives easier. Technology does not just include our hand held devices, laptops, and TVs, but also the smaller things such as doorknobs, Google, and vacuums.

As a society, especially within our generation, technology is everywhere and is impossible to escape. Herds of teenagers playing Pokémon Go in the middle of the road, making Pizza Rolls in the oven, and going to the movies are everyday events that technology has woven itself into, and for the most part, without us even being able to notice how much easier it makes our lives.

To say that that society needs technology to advance is an understatement. We need technology to function in our fast-paced culture. We have to have cars to get to work, air conditioning to stay cool in summer, roofs over our heads, and shoes on our feet.

However, how fast do we need to advance our technology is another question. Do we need the latest and greatest IPhone to communicate, or a $100,000 car to get to work? New technology comes with a price, and as a whole we will advance slower due to the fact that most people can’t afford some of the newest technologies out there.

Do we need technology to advance? I don’t think we could live as a society without it, but our speed of advancement will be determined by the radical and incremental innovations we make on technology, and how fast, affordable, and marketable these new technologies are.

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