Are Compostable Plastic Cups a Viable Option?


The idea of a compostable plastic cup made from crops is a strange thing to think of. Take the idea of a regular plastic cup into consideration. That cup is either thrown into the trash where it will stay for years, unwithered, or it is recycled into another plastic item. But what if the plastic cup wasn’t plastic at all? The idea of a plastic cup made from petroleum is obsolete. According to EcoWatch, about 50% of the plastic we use, is used only a single time and then disposed of, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The concept of a compostable plastic cup is that new material innovation. These cups do not depend on the valuable resource that is petroleum. They are made from crops and plants and can be returned to the Earth to help future plants grow. Too many families rely on plastic in their daily lives and I consider plastic to be an obsolete material. Material advances like these can help to further our lives in understanding in what it means to thrive. Albeit the new material innovation has a long way to go to begin widespread adaption, it is still a step in the right direction to eliminate an obsolete material that has taken over our lives. These advancements are the kind of innovation society needs to phase out plastic. This unforgivable material has been the forefront of most materials in our world; specifically in construction and design. Thankfully other innovations are emerging where designers find a creative re-use for plastic, often combining it with another material to give it another use. So the idea of widespread adoption of compostable disposable plastics is an idea that is not too far off. The adaption of such technology will take major overhauls in the world of society and will require behavioral changes as well. but once we make the innovation happen, good changes can begin.




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