Ecopan Tiling


In today’s green, eco-friendly world, the newest way to be green is with the Ecopan. The Ecopan allows you to grow plants on your roof. The Ecopan will not only help soak up rainwater to avoid flooding, but it will filter and clean more air as well as make downpours a little quieter as water falls on your plant life.

Growing plants on your roof has been possible for a while if you had a flat roof, but the Ecopan allows anyone to have a green tile system. The Ecopan is a recycled plastic pan filled with pumice and sedum. Sedum is a type of plant that never loses its leaves and stays green year round so your roof will stay green all year. In 2013 these tiles were put to the test in the Netherlands and after a year and a half of studies, the results were amazing. Studies with the Ecopans showed that on hot days, a house underneath an Ecopan roof was anywhere from 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a normal tile house. After this major success, the Ecopan is not for sale and can be used to make your house and the world a cleaner, greener place. These tiles could see an interesting growth if used in large communities and the public sees how much better the Ecopan can make daily life and the world a more eco-friendly place.




  1. kneesbee

    Ecopan tiling seems to be the obvious ecological and economical roofing system of the future. However, due to historical evidence, the widespread and global use of the product will remain “of the future”.

    A person’s house is one of the most important investments of his or her lifetime. The average human being throughout history, albeit subconscious, has not been the biggest advocate for change. Therefore, assuming the average client is the average human being, said client would be hesitant in investing their money into a scarcely tested eco-roofing system.

    Take Eco-Panels for example. Eco-Panels® LLC is a company that originated in North Carolina in 2016. They manufacture polyurethane foam structural insulated panels (SIPs), making their product the most advanced and environmentally friendly SIPs on the market today. Their product eliminates the extra steps in insulating a home by creating a “thermal envelope” for the framers to install in one simple step, saving the client a considerable amount of labor costs alongside the hundreds they save from monthly heating bills. Seems like an obvious choice right? Maybe not so obvious, as the company has been around for a year and the majority of their client-base is commercial industry.

    While business owners are strictly concerned with saving money wherever possible, homeowners, though still conscious of costs, are more concerned with the appearance of their place of living. For homeowners, choosing which materials to shelter them is as much of an emotional endeavor as it is an economical one. If the average homeowner is still reluctant on replacing their SIPs with something as banal as non-visible money-saving panels, they would certainly cower at the thought of growing plants on their roof.

  2. maggiekrantz

    More versatile and effective options to Ecopan tiling are the use of green walls or vertical gardens. These designs are similar to Ecopan tiling because they utilize plants as a building material, but are different because they can be placed on a variety of interior or exterior walls. There are multiple companies, like Planturra or Ambius, that offer unique commercial wall designs for anything from offices to healthcare facilities to retail stores. On interior walls, these plant structures regulate air quality by reducing air particles and can regulate humidity levels. On exterior walls, they provide similar benefits to Ecopans like protection from the elements, reduced energy consumption, and reduced noise pollution. Vertical gardens are more beneficial than Ecopans for exterior walls because they impact the surrounding area as well as the building itself. If placed on exterior walls, they can cool down and regulate the street temperature and provide a buffer for noise pollution that a vegetative roof can’t provide.

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