Stone spray architecture created through soil

            A research project is being manage for the use of a robotic 3D printer that manufactures construction out of soil. An analysis is being conducted in order to find the best methods to suggest an increase in production that isn’t harmful to the environment. The goal of the project is to create higher experimental and systematic procedures to print advance architecture in a 3D setting.

           The machinery operates by accumulates both dirt and sand, then sprays it from a nozzle that merges with any substances that cohere when mixed are next used on a firm exterior in order to produce a sculptural form. This technology is even more amazing because when the robot is functioning it is being controlled by a person through a computer so that the designer has a complete impact on the shape of the project underway.

           The technology underway is truly amazing, just imagine where the advancement of architecture could go if this method of creation was used in the everyday production of construction. being able to create structures from impossible angles would now be achievable through the further advancement of continuing the evolution of using a robotic 3D printer for more difficult architectural works that helps expand the field of architecture.



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