Wine Barrels

Jenny Einhorn | Week 2


UP-cycling Material

I appreciate the idea of recycling and reusing material in an unexpected way.   It adds character to building as well as being a conversational piece. Wine barrels are a fun example of this. On the inside of the barrel, the wood has a beautiful stain form the wine, and has an elegant curving property that can lend itself to many new uses. The example I chose is a handcrafted chair by furniture designer, Whit McLeod. His company, Whit McLeod Furniture, designs all of its pieces out of reclaimed materials.

“ I try to preserve the wood’s second life as a barrel, and its first life as a tree.” –McLeod

I like this quote because it not only acknowledges environmental preservation but also character preservation, similar to the idea of the brick, dictating its use based on its character.


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