Is market prospect of Kasita too optimist?

From centuries to centuries, our house was immobile. Most of the people are born and dead in the same place without moving several blocks in their community. All the buildings are aging. Now only with oldest building in the town can we see through the history and story that stay out of the walls.Can you imagine that one day people will no longer possess a real estate but nestle within a dumpster for the rest of our life?Professor Wilson said: “Yes, I can.”jeff_wilson_phd-1200x1198Recently, a high-technological project called Kasita has successfully attracted risk investment. Kasita locates itself as a portable house device that contains any technology that human can achieve so far. Generally speaking, it is a high-tech assembling piece. However, it can reverse construction industry as Professor Wilson said.



When driving from Seattle to Minneapolis, I have seen people were traveling in a big motorhome. Those cars are much cheaper than Kasita and simultaneously cater the need of being in a mobile house. What’s more, there will be a lot of negotiations going on with the placement of Kasita. It will relate to political issues because of that the place where Kasita is towed to can not be a public place. Hence, people who want to approach their mobile dreams should own lands everywhere in the United States of America, which is hardly accepted by middle-class buyers. Is market prospect of Kasita too optimist?



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