Recycled Plastic “Lego” Building blocks

Hunter Lutz

Post 2- Friday, September 16, 2016

As climate adaption becomes more of a prevalent subject to focus on in architecture, new inventive ways are being produced in order to help the world recover from the changes in the ecosystem. ByFusion is helping to do exactly this. Transforming trash into useable bricks for houses helps to eliminate waste from landfills and the ocean.


More trash and waste is being led into the ocean, which is damaging the delicate ecosystem, which includes but is not limited to coral reefs, endangered mammals, and other tropical fish that rely on the balance of the ecosystem to survive. Offering differing sizes of blocks allows for all sorts of construction and this material can only be expanded upon. This start-up business is already contributing to sustainability and ecosystems in this manner but once they further this idea and take it to the next step, they will be able to contribute in new ways. The construction of these “trash bricks” helps as well in being eco-friendly as it releases 95% lower greenhouse gasses than production of concrete. They are also extremely thermal and help to absorb sound in the houses they are placed in. As ByFusion sells these moduar plastic bricks globally, more plastic will be eliminated from trash heaps and reused. This step into being more sustainable will hopefully result in houses built in greener ways.




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