Solar Collecting Fabric

Mikaila Bolin – Week 2 Blog Post – 9/16/16 – Solar Collecting Fabric

Being able to collect solar energy through the curtains that cover windows seems like an idea that is so obvious it is mind blowing that the technology has yet to exist. Recently there has been a new innovation in the textile industry from researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, that have gone about using a photoactive dye on fabric that is able to absorb light (“Solar and Wind…”). The fabric is conducted in a weave pattern that combines the four dye-based solar cells and allows for each of the four to be in even contact (“Solar Textile Collaboration…”). This is a necessity because without the four dyes being in equal contact, the solar fabric does not work properly. The fabric however, is not limited to just curtains; it can also be worn on the body and applied to temporary exterior applications, such as tents. This application would allow for people to not only collect energy for inside their homes and offices, but also allow them to charge things on the go (“Solar and Wind…”).

While I think that this product has enormous potential and offers great solutions to energy problems, there are some obvious drawbacks. This includes the time intensive labor it takes to make the product, which causes the product to be very expensive. Additionally, since it is a fabric, it would probably not be suitable for extensive external uses.

I think that with further development however, researchers will be able to extend the limitations of the product and find ways in which to produce the product at a lower cost. I hope this innovation is something that will really take off in the future because it is made from a material that can be applied to a variety of different objects. It can be formed, molded, and wrapped around just about anything, as well as be used as curtains, curtain walls, and drapery. I firmly believe that this product is the future to solar technology and should be something that continues to be developed.


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“Solar and Wind Energy Generated By Fabric.” Materia. Materia Exhibitions, 16 Sept. 2016. Web. 16 Sep. 2016.



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