Hövding – The Airbag Helmet


Wearing helmets is one of the first things we learn when it comes to riding bikes. For many of us, putting on a helmet every time we head out is a habit, but for others the bulkiness of a traditional helmet can keep us far from it.

In 2011 the Hövding helmet was launched in Sweden. Studying technologies used in a car airbag, and seven years of development later, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created an airbag-like helmet that protects better in accidents than a traditional helmet. These helmets claim to have the best shock absorption in the world, and in a test had shock absorption of three times more than any of the other helmets tested. In order to use the helmets you must plug them into a USB port to charge them, and the charge lasts for up to 10 hours. When the helmet is running low on battery, it will beep to warn the user. The helmets are CE certified, recyclable, and weighing only 1.5 pounds they make safety lightweight and convenient.

Although these helmets seem like the next best thing, many people are skeptical on whether or not they really work. The technology is still being developed, and therefore may not be as safe as they seem. On top of that, each helmet costs the equivalent of about $330 and cannot be used again once they have been inflated making cost a big issue for many who are interested.

Sources: Hövding, Wikipedia



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  1. brennandaily1

    This is very interesting, because I am a very avid biker myself. Not only does it eliminate that need for a helmet but it also provides protection from extreme accidents. I have seen many crashes, and been a part of a few myself, and it is not pretty. This brings up the question as to how the helmet can have more than one use because once you do fall you have no safe way of getting home. Of course if you have a broken leg that is a different problem, but there should be a way for the helmet to detect if the accident is fatal or not. What if you fall off your bike and just hit your knee and scuff up your hand? The airbag would detonate for no reason just because it senses your upper body moving above the threshold of regular biking. Also aerodynamics come into play with helmets because our heads and not naturally aerodynamic. There would have to be a replacement for this or maybe one could just wear a regular helmet and an airbag helmet and would only deploy when the person would be experiencing say 50G’s of force or more. That way you can stay extra safe on your bike all day long. There is quite a lot of development that needs to go into this idea, but it is a great start.

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