Micro Louvre… The New Window?

Week 3

Windows have evolved from openings in walls to entire facades made of glass. As glass technology continues to advance, the possibilities of a window increase.  Characteristics of glass, such as its size and shape flexibility as well as clarity, make it an obvious choice for creating a window, but Micro Louvre is composed of a material that would not be a first choice for a window; bronze. It presents an entirely new method of thinking about windows.

Micro Louvre is a Mesh that is made from woven bronze louvres, or, angled slats. These slats are only two times thicker than a human hair (Figure 1), and are positioned in a way that allow for optimal control of sun and light. It provides full shade at any sun angle that is greater than 40 degrees (Figure 2), which would dramatically reduce heat from direct sunlight, therefore cutting the cost of air conditioning. Micro Louvre offers excellent ventilation and still is an effective insect screen. Visibility from inside to outside is not obstructed, and the mesh is often coated in a black polyester, reducing its reflectivity. Micro Louvre can be recycled, and has a relatively long life span.

I do wonder, however, how the lighting of an interior space would be affected by a Micro Louvre sun screen. Though it allows for uninterrupted outward vision, it seems that the amount of light let into the space would be severely reduced, thus creating a need for additional lighting. Also, this technology would be an issue for colder climates. However, Micro Louvre does have other applications, such as making traffic lights visible in direct sunlight.


Source: http://www.smartlouvre.com/


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