Self Supporting

When we model projects or model for fun with the materials that are at hand, the resulting structure usually is simple with obvious connections. The architectural firm FreelandBuck created an elegant project that at first glance resembled such modeling process. Their design however resembled many properties that Da Vinci’s drawings reflected: fluidity, undulation, instability, and temporarily. The project was cast in the window and foyer of the New York Bridge Gallery. The project is successful in using technology to manifest structure in a way that follows some of the Da Vinci drawing properties.

The most interesting part of this project is how it utilizes the abilities of technology to create something that defines space based on a fluid line that Di Vinci obsessed upon.  FreelandBuck’s design also goes farther than just creating novelty. It better resembles a careful assortment of projects should look to create. Something even more functional and useful in the application of the new technologies that have been released in the last 15 years.

The construction of the project resembles a very simple playful project that even a child could have success in assembling. It is evident that the designers sought to create art that could be created on site that was incredibly complex in form yet so simple in assembly. With this simplistic, yet sturdy and practical construction method, I believe there is much room to push the material choice even further. This specific project was created for a room and an art gallery, but if the overall composition were to be translated into a region of a building such as a wall or window, it would result in a simple to construct and self supporting wall or window system. With interlocking wall units, glass could be positioned vertically to create a defining space for air control, all the while retaining all of the artistic design elements such as those of Di Vinci that FreelandBuck had sought.




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