3-D Wallpaper

A design collaborative called twenty2 partnered with the Pratt Institute last year to create a 3-D wallpaper named DEEP. The wallpaper, which can be experienced with or without 3-D glasses, can come in an array of pictures, patterns, and designs that pop out of the wall it lies on, adding even more dimension to the three-dimensional space that walls create around us in architecture and interior design. The paper itself is made with eco-friendly products such as water-based ink and a variety of paper bases to suit customer’s application needs.

The material is merely combining the color technology already present in film and print with a different medium; however, it’s application is what can take the concept to the next level. Though twenty2 design the material for indoor use, I believe that it could be incredibly useful on building facades. If the material was further developed to become weather resistant, or even if it could be pushed beyond paper and the design applied to a metal sheeting or even ceramics, the outsides of buildings could create the affects of the multi-dimension found in malleable cladding materials with a simpler, two-dimensional approach. Straying away from malleable materials in this case could save both installation and material costs, as well as the factor of glasses coming into play to allow viewers and users of the space to have a “choose your own adventure” experience with a building facade–indoors and out. The possibilities surrounding dimension and experience in facade systems are endless. I am curious to see how this material influences other designers, and perhaps one day we will walk past a building and be handed 3D glasses to watch a structure change before us. Or perhaps, we will simply walk past a building and our movement will move it. Dimension is such a human fascination and a personal experience that I believe is an exceptional focus when it comes to material development and cladding proposals.

3d-wallpaper-ona539-6-600x400"terrace"  wallpaper ©2004 twenty2 all rights reserved"terrace"  wallpaper ©2004 twenty2 all rights reserved

Site Source: http://materia.nl/material/deep-3d-wallpaper/
Image Sources: http://materia.nl/material/deep-3d-wallpaper/ | https://twenty2.net/index.php?content=products&prod_cat=wallpaper&prod_pattern_name=DEEP%203D&prod_id=579



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