new abilities for old materials

Noah Burson | Post #3


Erik Giudice Architects proposal for a wooden canopy for Jonkoping Station in Sweden

Wood is a seemingly basic material in the world of architecture, but is that our own fault? Perhaps the fact that it has been around for so long deters designers from looking at it with fresh eyes and really pushing what it can do. With the combination of material, such as wood and Polycarbonate as seen above, perhaps there are properties of this material that we have not yet discovered.

The design project depicted above touches on the idea that wood can be a more flexible and functional material when used in curves. The matrix that is created with what seems like a computer generated design is like nothing I’ve seen before.img_7_1474294414_0037b72233bb2c1d795548d24779d0ab

If we were to start cross referencing our computer generated design technologies while look at the properties of wood, would there be more discovery on what is possible with this material.

The ability to modify materials, has worked wonders in the past. Concrete, after being reinforced gains a much greater structural quality than could have ever been achieved. This material is what allowed the idea of modernism to be carried out in form.

villasavoyeVilla Savoye by Le Corbusier | Use of reinforced concrete to crete a light & simple Structure

Wood frames this concept quite well because of its regularity in the market on its own, it is majorly transformed by being combined. To move this further what other combinations of materials should be looked at? The materials clay, cork, and hemp have known qualities on their own. I would be interested to know what they could do with a structural quality.

The design here also strikes me because it is able to make use of a renewable resource. The ability for an ecological material to hold a different shape because of technological advancement pushes the ability for these materials to be used for more dynamic purposes. I’m interested to see what materials form to create such advancements in the near future.






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