S. Cafe-New Fabric Made from Coffee Grounds

Week 3 Journal

Coffee, as a commonly consumed product, is widely popular throughout the world. In United States, coffee is like a daily necessity in people’s life. Speaking only Starbucks, it consumes 88 million pound of coffee beans annually, needless to say how much the whole country consumes annually. The leftover of coffee beans – coffee grounds, currently is mainly used on producing cosmetic products. Recently a Taiwanese company called S. Café has found a new technology to make clothes from coffee grounds.

S. Café technology, with low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, combines the post patented processed grounds and polymer to create master batches, then producing yarns for fabric making. The new fabric takes good features from coffee, providing excellent odor control, UV protection and fast drying benefits.


Regardless these amazing features of the fabric itself, the producing process is sustainable and environmental-friendly. The company is not wasting time and energy to producing raw materials. They collect coffee grounds everywhere as long as there’s people consuming coffee. This method is quite innovative and could be the future mainstream way for apparel manufacturing. As mentioned previously, coffee grounds now are mainly used on either cosmetic products or fertilizer. Producing fabric with coffee grounds could provide more employment opportunities and adding values to coffee industry. Furthermore, it is extremely sustainable from planting, consuming, collecting, to manufacturing in to fabric.

However, we should also be cautious of coffee being over consumed in the future because of this new manufacturing method. If the needs of coffee increases rapidly due to the coffee-made fabric, it would cause reducing forest to plant more coffee trees in traditionally coffee planted countries in South America and Africa. At the same time people inventing new technologies to reduce waste, pollutions, and energy consumption, we should make sure nothing is overdone as well.


Source: http://www.scafefabrics.com/en-global


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