Sam Challe – Blog 4

Many companies argue they are eco-friendly but StoneRecycling truly is the greenest of them all. This is because they turn a buildings ruble directly into a new product, brick. When they collect ruble it contains anything found on site. This includes glass, concrete, terra-cotta, and old bricks. They design “Bricks that give your building a unique and sustainable look and feel” (StoneRecycling). with this combination it opens up endless possibilities for color, texture, pattern, and material make-up. Bricks come either sliced or raw, giving you the option to show the interior pattern of the brick or simply the outside. These bricks also range from 100% recycled to 70% recycled.

I came to the realization that bricks have an endless possibility of colors and textures after looking at this company and the work they do. It is inspirational to see how one buildings fall can actually help propel another buildings life. This reuse is something I would like to see going forward. Why not have a building made of purple or blue brick? Another possibility if these colors are to extreme is using them decoratively inside building or for exterior ornamentation.

One thing I’m curious about is, exactly what is each brick made of? The website tells you what percent of the brick is recycled but doesn’t tell you if this brick has glass and brick or if this other one is simply concrete and brick. Another is the process for some bricks. About half of the bricks say they are handmade, but I have no idea what that means. Finally I am curious if these bricks can be recycled after or if there needs to be a certain amount of each material in a batch.



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