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How much potential does Linex have? What future applications can this new material have? Linex, which my family has in fact used, is a new material that has practical aspects in the field of architecture along with many other practical uses. This material could enable designers to build stronger and more durable buildings without the need for extra support room. This is groundbreaking as it can be used to make rooms and walls more blast proof. This opens all sorts of doors to designers of the future. Buildings that once needed extra support would be able to get that support without sacrificing valuable space. These buildings could now be designed using lightweight materials and then coated with Linex to give added support, furthering our understanding of what it means to build a structure. Although this material has a great deal of potential in the world of design, it would need further and further testing into its long term effects. If Linex were to become a practical and easy solution to support within a building, it would first need to become resistant to time. These challenges Linex faces are challenges that need to be faced if it were to become integrated into architectural understanding. A further understanding of the lasting effects of Linex will help it to ensure just how versatile and durable the material stays. In the field of material innovations, this material has quite a lot of potential to become an industry standard.

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