Bio Mason Bricks

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Our group talks about the Bio Mason Bricks in the project 1 and I try to do more research and dig more about this material.

As we know, brick is an architectural material that used to make walls, pavements and other elements in masonry construction. It is widely used in architecture because brick is the longest-lasting material for building. However, Traditional bricks are formed in brick units and then fired for hardening. The process of making bricks highly embodied energy and rely heavily on limited natural resources. Here is a data that could reflect the negative effect of making bricks to the environment that global cement production in 2008 amounted 2.8 billion tons, with equivalent quantities of CO2 released into the atmosphere. 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions are linked to the construction industry, primarily owing to exhaustive material production and disposal processes. To avoid the negative effect to environment, BioMASON’s process simply eliminates the need for firing by replacing the hardening process with the formation of biologically controlled structural cement. To be more specific, The process begins with sand. It is placed into moulds and inoculated with bacteria, which are fed with calcium ions suspended in water.

Although the Bio-Mason brick is better than traditional bricks in protecting environment, there are feedbacks and researches show that the material is not mature enough and can’t be widely used in architecture. However, we still believe the material could be improved and be a popular building material.




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