Graphene Aerogel


Nhi Nguyen Week 4


Scientist from the State University of New York and Kansas State University have recently found a way to 3D print Graphene Aerogel, the lightest material in the world. This material weighs just 160 grams and is about 7.5 times lighter than air. It is so light that you can even balance a few cubic centimeters of it on top of a dandelion head. With its strange and unique properties scientist have begun experimenting with it through 3D printing. 3D printed Graphene Aerogel is the material of the future and we have yet to discover the many other possibilities that we can accomplish with it.


Graphene Aerogel is nicknamed as “frozen smoke” because it has the appearance, weight, and density similar to that of gas but in actuality it is a solid that is extremely flexible, conductive, and compressible. In addition, one gram of the material can easily absorb up to 900 times that of it’s own weight in materials such as oil, which is can help with environmental clean up. There are so many other possible usage for this material due its many unique qualities. However, one drawback to this material is that it is pretty costly to print if it were to be manufactured for distribution. If there was a way that we can make the material more readily available through 3D printing then it can be a big game changer for the future.






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