Smart Film Tempered Electric Glass


Smart film tempered electric glass is a type of glass that could easily switched from transparent to translucent. It only require electrify to work and once is installed, it would not require addition devices or mechanical to work with. It is a material with great potential.

Smart Film used LC Molecule for controlling translucence ability of glasses. when power is on, LC molecules are arranged in ordered manner, which make light directly get though the material and made the glass clear. Once the glass is switched off, LC molecules without order will block and reflect lights and make the glass diffuse.

How Smart Film Tempered Electric Glass works offer it great potential in architecture. It allows architects to minimum elements used in buildings and simplify inertial spaces. Since the switch ability is from LC molecule layer and controlled by electricity, shape of the glass is not limited. Traditional glass crafts could be applied on smart film glass production. In addition, since the glass require electricity to transfer to transparent, once electricity is out, this material would be automatically shut down, which means it would not leak information or privacy exposed in accident. On the other hand, this characteristic also made the material sensitivity for damages and could be used for pointing out cracking spots of glass structure.



Smart Glass Windows


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