Bathroom Innovations With Nature

(week 5) Stunning design has made it ways to the bathroom. A new trend in bathroom décor is features and elements that resemble nature. People and designers are becoming obsessed with bringing the outside indoors.

The first example of this I stumbled by was a concrete sink. The concrete sink looked very typical of what would be in a modern style home but the bowl of the sink was shaped to look like a snail. It looked simple and versatile enough to fit in most modern and contemporary spaces.


I then came across a bath mate that was made entirely of beautiful green moss. The bathroom rug was made of three different types of mosses, which thrive in humid conditions. The rug drink up and absorb the water drippings three times more effectively than a regular cloth mat would.


The final area I saw natural elements brought into the bathroom was in two bathtubs. The first bathroom resembled a vessel hammock or cocoon. The bathtub is made of carbon fibers and insulated with a foam core that is suspended above the ground. The bath tube is a sleek simplistic design that is very appealing to the eye. The second tub I found is more of a focal point of the bathroom. Its unique design makes its look like it has been carved out a giant piece of stone.


Another easy way to bring the outside indoors is adding plants to your bathroom. Bring vegetation in the home has many health benefits and can even help with practical benefits such as noise. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. It can also reduce stress and studies have showed it can speed up recovery in certain illnesses.


Being outside gives many of us the feeling of peace and tranquility. Whether its adding design aspects to your house that resemble nature or bringing in plants and atriums to break up the design, both of these are beneficial and should be considered when decided how to design your bathroom.



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  1. yujiafang

    Yujia Fang Comment 2
    Seeing those plants in bathroom, I can tell that there is a little ecological environment in the bathroom. It is innovative but the design is bad for both plants and indoor bathroom. Bathroom is a closure environment and it is very moisture. If we have plants inside especial moss, it will use the water on the ground or in the air to grow by itself and constantly the corners of your bathroom will be full of moss too. And it can be dangerous too since you don’t realize the growth of moss and the floor become smooth. You will probably fall down in bathroom where have a lot of things into small spaces. It is pretty easy to get injury. Second, not every bathroom is on the side of building that it can have windows directly from outside. So there may be just human made lights and we will not open those lights when we are not stay in the bathroom. Obviously, we do not spend a lot of time in bathroom one day so that those plants can not get enough light to do photosynthesis. They can not survive in that kind of environment. Overall, this plants in bathroom design is too restrained and not convenient and even could be dangerous.

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