Best Screen for iPhones

sapphire-glass(Sapphire glass)

gorilla-glass(Gorilla glass)

Claire Kim

Week 5

There are two different materials that were considered for the new iPhone: sapphire glass and gorilla glass.  The data shows that gorilla glass would be the best option for the screen because it is stronger and more energy efficient than sapphire glass and therefore the technology should be further experimented with in order to create the best phone screen.  However, I believe that the two materials should be combined in some way so that the pros of both materials can create the most shatter proof screen.

Sapphire glass was known to be “unbreakable”, however, that is not necessarily true.  Sapphire glass is actually more breakable than gorilla glass and is thicker, which counters the phone makers goal of having the phone as light as possible, and since it is very transparent, it drains the battery more quickly because light travels through easier. In reality sapphire glass is not the most ideal candidate.  Gorilla glass was created through many drop tests and engineering the material to withstand the highest amount of stress.  The only advantage that sapphire glass has over gorilla glass is that it is less easier to get scratched.

The glass creators should combine both of the glasses properties to truly innovative phone screen, whether it be by providing a thin layer of sapphire glass on top of gorilla glass or some other method.  Instead of comparing the pros and cons of two different materials and then picking one, people should strive to be more innovative and see if the two materials can somehow work together to create a even better material than either materials by themselves.







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