Can AI make music?

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence can compose simple music. Although it cannot distinguish what type of music is popular recently, it is a great leap in AI history. The researchers have developed a system that helps AI to compose music which sounds like it is a music producer from the 1960s. The song goes with simply chords that combined with each other. Technically speaking, it does not come with any skills that modify the chords to be more stylistic. Can AI make music?523robots
It is sure that AI can compose music, but it does not mean that it can make music. Composing music is a mathematical problem, which related with chords selections and spatial distributions of the instruments. The music industry has developed a sophisticated system that helps rhythm to be more melodious. A pop song’s production can be subdivided into songwriting, instrumental writing, mixing, and mastering, which is that each of the procedures would require basic techniques to handle. In most cases, there will be at least one specialist in each procedure to be in charge so as to make it a commercial product.

AI has finished all these steps by itself, which is highly productive. However, it still needs some artistic human mindset to refine. Art is the only standard to differentiate human from the machine because art does not follow any rules. Composing music needs rules, but making music doesn’t follow any rules. Sometimes, even whistling can also be a part of creation, which is a part of human instinct. Though human beings have been playing with gamut probable since we are defined as “human” ,new rhythm still keeps emerging when we are in 2016.

Can math and program produce what we enjoy and what we like?





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  1. Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson – Week 6

    It is exciting to hear Artificial Intelligence is helping musicians to organize chords and melodize music. Could AI offer anything to systems with more than 12 note variations, like buildings? With incredibly complex structures and demanding spaces AI is an extremely valuable tool for architects.

    Artificial Intelligence has helped built the impossible. Frank Gehry’s beautifully contorting Guggenheim Museum used a revolutionary computer program to “optimize” the structure’s design and transform it into manufactured parts (1). Without AI, this building could never have been built. AI frees the modern architect from tradition building methods and empowers them to build the imaginary. The change in the shapes of buildings and their faster building speed is a testament to AI’s usefulness to the architect.

    Even though making complex structures is cool, Architects have to focus on the more important task of laying out spaces. AI helps with this too. Design needs can be submitted into a new computer programs and it organizes rooms in the most efficient way (2). One example of this is swarm intelligence, a system that minimizes the distance of each room to exits and designs spaces that facilitate people rushing out of buildings (3). This is especially helpful for Architects of Skyscrapers where it would be difficult to organize hundreds of separate rooms.

    Some note AI’s excessively efficient layouts take away from the creativity and human quality of the architect’s design, or even their job. It is true efficiency is not everything when it comes to design and that is exactly what ensures an Architect’s job. Humans have meaning imbued in design often counter-intuitive to efficiency, something AI may never understand. Nevertheless, designers will continue to work with this new coworker as its effectiveness and work ethic ensures its place in architectural firms.


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