“Explorations in Mobile Landscapes”

Karen Lewis Lecture 10/7

This lecture was actually quite interesting. The premise of the lecture given by Karen Lewis was that of mapping information as a design material. I think this sort of design process is one that is important to learn because conveying a map or idea to someone is at the heart of all architecture. How we convey these ideas is what determines a successful project from a mediocre project. Karen talked a lot about GIS mapping and how representing multiple scales on the same model has helped her convey something she couldnt normally do. She represented this on engraved plexi glass


The featured image is that of one of her slides. This was her multi-scale model of her project. The project was aimed at New York City, specifically with a distinct underused elevated railway. Her proposal included many site visits and site surveys of the area. What was interesting about the project is that much of the railway was hidden behind tree lines and behind buildings. I think this kind of challenge is what made her project stand out.

Karen soon began describing a recent project she undertook in Newtown, CT. This was the town where the Sandy Hook massacre took place. She soon began describing how she had been tasked to create a memorial for the town. I believe this was important to learn because she described why she chose the materials she did for the project. she spoke of the design process in how each family affected by the tragedy would get a grove of trees representing their family. Theses types of projects are wonders to hear about because they can give some insight into how issues and projects can be resolved.




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