Innovative but not that useful advanced technology

Yujia Fang Blog 6


That’s the newest Large transparent glass screen technology with LED display on it from GWS Company. I have to say it is really impressive because the way it looks and it is also pretty innovative to place a screen technology on one of today’s most popular material-glass. It seems be a good idea to use it into the design of science lab or other products’ inhibition of companies. However, it has been used much as the advertisement of brand in serval places such as Mcdonald. In my point of view, I think the technology is not used in right way and the open sale of it will make a number of company attract by it. Most of them will use it as a “video playable” ornament in the conspicuous spot in the company. For the purpose to improve the atmosphere of the company and the effects of the brand. However, I think the price is too high. First, I admit that it will be a good material choice for design high-tech or science relationship space. Nevertheless, it is wasting material and money if it is used in other purposes. Perhaps they think it can replace paper to be a new work material in workspace. As we know, paper is almost 100 percent recyclable today and the way we create them is more and more efficient and cheaper. In the opposite, this new technology may take a lot of electricity power and it will be a waste since we will not use it as frequently as paper. In addition, paper poster of advertisement may not achieve that fancy effects by the screen. But it is not too bad as well. If we do wish technology improve the health of earth, we may wanna go back to poster.



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