Iphone 7Plus: The future of phone cameras

Raymaun Laura – Week 6

The Iphone 7 Plus is the most current cellular device released by Apple. This device has composed a device that uses new innovative technologies and materials. The most important of the new addition to the phone is the inclusion of 2 rear facing cameras. This is not the 1st time a cellular device has had 2 cameras, but the way these cameras have been integrated to work together is more successful then any other system of its kind.

The phone includes a wide-angle lens and a Telephoto lens position horizontally adjacent to each other. The wide angle lens is 12 MP with optical stabilization. This camera is used for capturing normal high resolution photos and good light photography. This camera alone would suffice as a more then acceptable cell phone camera. This camera can actually be compared to that of multiple professional quality DSLR cameras.

The additional telephoto camera is the innovative part of this system. This 56mm f/2.8 lens which is twice as narrow in terms of field of view and about 1 ⅓ stops slower compared to the 28mm f/1.8 main camera. Essentially, the lens could work alone, but the photos would be of much lower quality then that of the 12 megapixel camera next to it.

However, the combination of both of these lenses allows for phone photographers to do what no phone user has ever been able to do, optically zoom. Usually phone cameras have the ability to zoom, but this is a technological zoom that often leaves images pixelated and unbalanced in terms of light . This new dual camera design allows for better distant zoom photos and also makes it a lot easier to take photos in low light settings because of the slower shutter speed.

Overall the iphone 7Plus’ is a successful innovation of cellular technology. I am sure that this technlogy will continue to be advanced upon and expanded to other devices. Especially, since the Iphone 7 plus is sold out until November.


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