Change in Glass

(week 7)-Jess Pilarski

The traditional home in American consists of wood, brick and maybe stone. The house usually has a front door and a few windows in every room, but what if an entire home could be made of windows? What if the entire house could be one window made of glass? Well now a days that is possible. Glass technology has increased the isolative properties, and benefits of glass to the point where a fully glass house could be as efficient as a historically wood or brick built home.


Wood use to have the greatest level of heat retention before energy efficient tinted glass was created. Brick has also been known to be energy efficient. In the summer brick absorbs heat making it more comfortable and in the winter heat is stored and released keeping the homes temperature more stable, lowering heating and cooling cost. But the problem with both of these commonly used materials is they are not transparent. They are incapable of letting natural light in. More windows in a home are so beneficial. Natural light has been shown to reduce the symptoms caused from season depression, not only can it help you mentally but it can help your wallet too. Now with all the technologies made in glass, windows can be tinted. Tinting minimizes heat and AC loss through windows. This increases energy savings, which is great for the consumer and the environment. Secondly it protects furniture from fading and thirdly it reduces the annoying glare and creates privacy from outside. Tinted windows give the consumer the opportunity to embrace nature from within they own home without being bothered by others. Tinted energy efficient glass allows the opportunity for designers to be much more innovated in their designers of homes and buildings.




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