The Boundaries of 3D Printing

Week 7 Journal 5

Every year Miami showcases a exhibition , known as Design Miami, for projects that display Miami’s playful spirit and its emergence as a capital of creative innovation. For 2016 a project known as Flotsam & Jetsam, designed by SHoP Architects, won the exhibition’s visionary award and will be constructed at the at the entrance gateway. Rodman Primack, the chief creative officer of Design Miami, explains why the project was chosen, ”SHoP represents exactly what the Panerai Design Miami visionary award is meant to recognize: innovation, inspiration and an outstanding point-of-view.” Flotsam & Jetsam will be the largest ever 3-D printed object; this is made possible by the unique truss-like structure and biodegradable bamboo medium.

The weight of the structure is distributed by the trusses so that it can support itself while being printed. This method also allows for the project to take on a free flowing form that isn’t expected when using a wood-like material such as bamboo. Bamboo is a great material for this sort of structure because it is very lightweight yet strong enough to support itself to allow for the structure to take the form it pleases. Using a combination of these two technologies Flotsam & Jetsam is able to push the previous boundaries of 3-D printing, which is becoming extremely popular in this day and age. Staying at the front of this field will require more innovation to change the way we think about designing 3-D printed architecture.

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  1. brennandaily1

    Week 7
    What I would like to know is can we go further? How can this bamboo structure become something more complex and, if not, what must be done to make it stable? 3D printing has come a long way from just being able to make small plastic models to printing metal in mid air. There is nothing that cannot be done with 3D printing. The only problem is what is the question? We, as a society, are moving forward with the idea that houses can be 3D printed. Of course people worry about structural integrity and how something that was a liquid, or a congealed liquid, is now holding up the walls of their house. Anything can be 3D printed as long as it follows the basic laws of physics and the society around it excepts it for what it is as it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

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