Developed wood is bad for environment and economics

Yujia Fang Blog 7

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 1.28.20 AM.png

After looking up “Dukta Flexible wood” which is a highly flexible wood that can be shape elastically with some useful features such as high sound- absorption. And it can also be crucial part of the building structure in engineering. I am impressed by this new material by what it is capable of. This new kind of wood may take charge of the material market in many different areas but not just architecture. But it seems like a little bit familiar to history. Last time when we use wood as our predominant material to build houses and to make tools, we cut mountains of trees and turn a lot of lands into deserts. Even though we have a relatively advanced recycle system for wood today,  the demand of it is going to surpass even more. Imagine this wood can replace the materials we use to build ceilings walls because it can do better in some aspects like sound absorption. Furthermore, those companies and factories that sell common material for constructions will be highly influenced by this wood. It will affect the whole market and badly influence the economics. People will take down more trees to get more resources. And those old building may face the risk of rebuild, too. In addition, the safety problems with wood are need to be concerned, too. Compared to the other materials, it is easier on fire. And if there is an area filled with buildings built by this wood catching fire , it will burn hard and cause enormous losses.




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