Is There Anything Wood Can’t Do

Week 7_Makayla Hansen

There are many desirable qualities of wood. It is one of the most commonly used materials and has provided a starting point for many structural systems. Wood can be manipulated in many different ways, it has a variety of characteristics and types to choose from, and it is environmentally friendly. Things like wooden purses made from Tennage Veneer as well as wooden sky scrapers are now possible. Is there anything wood can’t do?

Tennage Veneer is a flexible wood veneer. It is thin enough to be translucent, but also durable. Tennage is the result of the excess material from wood production, making it, like many other wood products, extremely environmentally friendly. It can be manipulated in many different ways such as curved, bent, cut, vacuum sealed, and sewn. Strips of this veneer have even been woven together to create a fabric. Because of this, Tennage provides many different functions, including lighting products, electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones, stationery, fashion accessories, interiors for automobiles, architectural buildings, home furnishing and much more.


However, with all of the incredible uses that wood has to offer, how much is too much? Deforestation is an issue now, so if wood becomes an even more abundantly used material, it is going to increase this concern which ultimately might defeat the purpose of using it for its environmentally friendly qualities. Also, I am curious as to what materials an increased use of wood would be replacing.

Sources:, Wood Working Network


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