Tradical Hemcrete

Christine Fantle – Blog Post 8

Concrete is the most consumed product in the world, second only to water. It is used in almost every building; making it the most commonly used building material. With sustainability in mind, concrete is damaging to the world around us. The process to make concrete is responsible for 7-10% of CO2 emissions worldwide. In order to confront this issue Lime Technology of the U.K. came up with a new kind of concrete.


Tradical Hemcrete is a lightweight concrete that consists of hemp, and a lime-based binder to make the material sturdy.  CO2 is sequestered both in the growing of the hemp, and the curing of the hemcrete, meaning that hemcrete has negative embodied carbon. Along with cutting down on CO2 emissions, the hemcrete also has good thermal insulation which results in a need for minimal heating and cooling. This in turn prevents even more CO2 emissions and means structures built with hemcrete do not need additional insulation.

Overall hemcrete is sustainable, makes construction easier, and helps cut down on electricity usage. A con to this material with many pros is that the drying time is longer than normal concrete. In order to make the product more convenient for consumers, the company has incorporated the material into pre-made panels for both low-rise and large-scale buildings.

Sources: American Lime TechnologyBDC Network, TradicalThis Big City,


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