Architectural Acoustics

Paul C. Stigger, III- Blog 5

Architecture is such a distinctive discipline that not only associates with both the procedure and creation of organizing, scheming, fabricating buildings and many other physical structures, but also involves structurally designing and constructing buildings for the exact purpose of manipulating sound itself. During Tuesday’s lecture, I realized how important the role of sound can be within architecture, and why these sounds might be intriguing for someone who may have a deep passion for architecture. We as spectators often tend to focus on both the interior and exterior of a home and/or building structure without really paying the slightest attention to the surrounding noises that maybe within the building and why.

Applying building acoustics within a building’s design is just as important as the construction itself. An ideal example of this would be providing an acceptable plan for a home that will be constructed near a noisy expressway, or an airport. This is because main noise paths within homes/ and buildings are roofs, eaves, walls, windows, door and other penetrations. When creating a design; restricting, and managing noise transference from one structural space to another ensures success in space functionality and privacy; to either increase or decrease environmental sounds. This reason alone is why places such as auditoriums are constructed to expand sounds, and more private personal areas such as homes are constructed to minimize them. Architecture expands on such a high horizon, so much is considered when being faced with a task of creating a structure; not only does one have to make sure the scheming is suitable, but also keep in mind the contribution of both interior and exterior sounds which can be a determining factor for success or failure within a project.penn_state_information_sciences_and_technology_building_interior


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