Building a Green Oasis in the Heart of a City


Louis Masonick, Week 9

The structures in which humans inhabit, have always wasted energy or resources in some form. We create carbon emissions to heat our houses or use electricity, and our houses might use even more energy, because they are not built effectively. The Heidelberg Village in Germany is passive housing project aimed to not only lower our ecological impact, but improve social interaction between humans. This project is a very important step to becoming creating more net zero energy and waste buildings.

Passive housing is set of design principles aimed to energy efficiency through high performance windows, airtight insulation, and  correct management of solar gain for heating and minimizing of cooling. The Heidelberg Village is a project that aims to be passive through these design principles. The housing also includes solar panels that will be used for energy and also provide shade. On the sides of the building are green facades that act as insulation and clean the air. The building contains 1 to 5 bedroom apartments, grocery, nursery, gym, and outdoor leisure spaces among other things.

The most important aspect of this project is the energy aspect. Most of the energy for the building is created through the solar panels, creating no carbon waste and using renewable energy. The apartments don’t need to be heated or cooled as well which also saves money and protects the environment. The residents save money and the building creates almost no carbon emissions. The other aspect is the social one. The different types of apartments allow for families, elderly, and students to live in the project. This creates a vibrant community that is interconnected and supports one another. This has potential mental health benefits for a positive environment on those living in the project.

Source: Heidelberg Village

Source: Building a Green Oasis in the Heart of a City

Source: Passive House Principles


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