Moving and Changing architecture should be the main trend.

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I went to the lecture of Lars Spuybroek who is from Georgia Technology School of Architecture | Atlanta, GA this Monday. He was talking a lot about MoMA PS1. And one of the program in MoMA PS1 attract me so much —Young Architects Program which aims to give something back to the community. “The objective of the project is to provide visitors with an outdoor recreational area for the summer-a much-needed refuge in an urban environment-making the best use of the pre-existing space and available materials.” I can always see a lot of empty space in the cities. People always think that we should build a landmark or a park to make the empty place become famous and beautiful. However, I will say it may be a waste in todays world. Urban development goes pretty quick today. The construction of the city will change based on the population flow and function of areas. Someday you may need the empty place to build a new edifice to help the city distributing people or help the area developing. Considering that way, it will not be a good choice to building a park or landmark. If we do build one, it will have its own “culture value” during the time and we cannot change the area by destroying it. So we should bring those Warm up coo pavilions to the table. It will become a unique culture too. Compared to landmark, it is much more cheap. It use the light weight and recycle materials. More importantly, you can change the material and form of the party anytime based on the theme of the day or party. There are also mechanics to control the light board to change the setup of empty place all the time. We should really make this type of architecture become a new culture of design to fit this unpredictable age. I will label the world today with “Moving” and Changing.”


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