Building with Bottles

Christine Fantle – Blog Post 9

Sustainability is a main point in architecture, and the ways in which we can build sustainable are ever-increasing. Building with recycled materials is just one of the ways that we are able to work our way towards sustainable living. Plastic bottles are found in almost every household in the nation, and innovators have recently begun using them as a building material. The amount of bottles it takes to build just one house keeps 12 cubic meters of plastic out of landfills. The bottles, when packed with sand, are as strong as bricks and are not brittle. Because of this, bottles are actually able to handle a higher shock load than the bricks we use in many buildings. The use of bottles as a building material also helps to cut down on material costs since bottles are low cost, and a product that is being made regardless of how we use it after its initial use.


On the other side of things, building with bottles can be difficult. If you consider the time it would take to collect bottles, fill them with sand, and begin to build labor costs might add up to the savings in material costs. Bottles also are not as structural sound as other building materials, and they don’t provide much insulation.

Building with bottles could be something that helps the earth, but it needs more development before bottles are used on the large scale.

Source: Instructables


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