Potato Plastic

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Designer Ivy Wang has developed a bioplastic created from the byproduct off-gassing from the creation of potato-based biofuels.

This material is as flexible and durable as plastic, says the Guardian, and is currently being used to design small accessories. However, because this bio product is abundant, the ground is definitely fertile for large scaling.

This concept is one I have not heard before. Biofuels in and of themselves are an innovative form of creating and harvesting energy that is still not the norm in the world. To create a plastic with the waste of this already less harmful fuel is another step of innovation.

So often we think of one-tier environmental friendliness, and I believe that Wang’s “potato plastic” breaks this glass ceiling by increasing the efficiency of an already-efficient system.

To build off of this and transition into the significance of this innovation in the architectural world, the possibilities are endless. If this same system can be applied to create other composites and building materials, harmful sourcing systems can begin to be cut out of the life cycle of buildings everywhere.

A caveat to this innovation, however, is the lifetime of this material. Because it is a bio product and is a newly-developed and currently used in a small-scale, the lifespan of this material is not currently known. To create buildings and structures out of this type of material would be fantastic, but if those structures would deteriorate after 10 years or so from either weather, a dynamicity in its tensile strength, or another factor, the product could prove to be less so desirable.



(image & Info) https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/architecture-design-blog/2013/jul/10/bioplastic-crab-potato-product-designers



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