Wavy Timber

Jenny Einhorn | Week 11

In this example, timber is not used as a structural element, however it is not purely superficial either.  The wood is utilized to provide custom shade to the residences of the Saba Apartments. And it adds aesthetic quality with its wavy design.

The Apartment Building is located in Heravi Square, Tehran. It has a very warm climate so the goal is to provide natural light while limiting heat absorption. It is a modern version of a wooden shutter, it is customizable to the user, they may adjust the shades to block out the sun, let in the sun, and display their own personal design preference to be visible on the exterior of the building.


I like the idea of customization in apartment buildings rather than being one of many, residence are able to add their own touch to the facade of the building, the architect’s TDC, is relinquishing some control over to the residences, however it still reads as coherent as a whole. It is displaying a wooden curtain on the exterior rather than interior.



One comment

  1. It is interesting how building used wood as a device to control light and offer flexibility to users to customize solar affection by controlling these devices by themselves, and obtain unique experience with sunshine. On the other hand, Simple structure by concrete became showcase for these wood structure. The building became a exhibition of wood patterns, which gave the building aesthetic pattern and made contract between wood and concrete a tool to highlight wood elements. However, application of woods in this project is limited, and may be challenged to obtain extension on usage.
    First of all, wood as a construction material has it’s limitation. Wood has specific pattern. Cutting wood in patterns may cause them crack following it pattern.Length of wood in these construction and strength is limited by it. In addition,in this project, wood sleeves were installed in structure and have complex mechanical system, which could easily broke or stuck. For a building with specific system to form facade, one broken unit could effect the overall affection.
    Architect may need to consider quality of wood as an material and which level of design they should stop in order to obtain a efficient design.

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