IDS Tower

Claire Kim

Week 11

The IDS tower is one of the most memorable architectural structures in Minneapolis.  When it was built, it beat the Foshay tower in height by a large margin.  The critical review that I read on the IDS Tower, praises the design as a breath of fresh air from the lackadaisical  box-like architecture.  Not only was the exterior successful, but the famous interior, the crystal court, gave a whole new meaning to public space, “The Crystal Court gave downtown Minneapolis its first, and best, public square”.

The reviewer does not necessarily critique the IDS tower specifically, but uses it as an example to critique other typical sky scraper designs.  “Architects got lazy; boxes got big and blunt. Architects began to coat all the boxes with reflective glass, so downtowns were filled with dull towers that reflected all the other dull”, in this sentence he is critiquing the lack of creativity in metropolitan designs.  The writer measures the success of the tower by stating that it has given Minnesota economical success and by comparing it to previous designs such as the Soo Line.

The writer’s main argument is that architects should break out of the typical metropolitan design mold and strive for more beauty and well-thought out designs.  He also hints that in the future, there should be more designs like the IDS by ending his critique with “The IDS. It’s one thing to consider why the IDS looks that way, but there’s another question that still mystifies.  Why didn’t anything else?”



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