The Next Generation of Parks

Jenni Quach | Blog 11


In neglected cities, such as Detroit, communities are broken. Maurice Cox, the speaker of The Next Generation of Parks, is on a pursuit to mend these broken bonds through redesigning parks. Three more guest speakers—representatives of a nonprofit organization called Juxtaposition—have the same goal as Cox, but they apply their pursuit towards North Minneapolis. Juxtaposition has the power to successfully reach their goal because they work with the youth in North Minneapolis.

With the assumption that youths have lived in the communities for their entire life, they have a grasp on the culture and norms that occur in the area. Therefore, when Juxtaposition incorporates the view of the youth, they will eventually arrive with a design that works along with the community’s culture. For example, North Minneapolis youth envisioned the Mississippi to be a part of their community because the river is iconic. As of now, the river is secluded, but the inclusion of a riverwalk would bring people together. People would want to visit a scenic, nature filled view.


An issue that concerns me is the cost to redesign public spaces to fit the vision of the youth. It can be assumed that cities would be paying because these are public areas. Yet, with such a huge project—the riverwalk—how can it be achieved? U.S. Bank Stadium was successfully paid off by the assistance of the community (students, taxes, and charity). If this insanely expensive building can be paid off, a smaller, less expensive project can be handled by the city as well.

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