Dirty Laundry

Christine Fantle – Blog Post 11


At the Dirty Laundry lecture on November 15th, Brent Stickels from YYES, and David Shea and Tanya Spaulding of Shea, Inc. came to talk to the University of Minnesota community about what goes on behind the scenes in the professional design world. Both gave very interesting accounts of their experiences both pre-design, and after becoming successful in the business world. However, I connected more with what Brent Stickels had to say to the audience.


Brent went to the University of California in San Diego, but not for design. He started out pursuing a career in writing at film. He says the thing that helped in get into design the most was his curiosity, and his passion for his work. If you have curiosity and passion, your work will show it. He started working on designs when he was younger and friends asked for band posters. Most of his work was sort of rip off work from other designs that he had seen, but it got him started and noticed.

He started YYES with a colleague in 2000, because they were tired of others in the design world telling them “No”. They wanted to look at the positives, rather than negatives, and HOW to make it work, rather than pushing it to the side. When they first started, they were working out of an apartment and their meeting room was a bar. Now, because of hard work and persistence they are a successful company with offices in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles. At the end of his lecture he encouraged designers of all ages to stay curious, collaborate, be confident in their work, and take every opportunity that comes their way.

Sources: UMN Events, Twitter


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