Greenery in design

Paul C. Stigger, III – Blog 8

Vo Trong Nghia Architects have truly captured the concepts of greenery and luxury in the construction and design of the atlas hotel located in Hoi An’s “old town”, Vietnam. Both the building’s exterior and interior is explicitly structured in a way that embraces such an eco-friendly environment. It’s a five story hotel that is rated four stars which consists of 48 guest rooms as well as several resort services, but the design itself is what makes this hotel even more exceptional.


The structure is asymmetrically stationed on a parcel of land that’s specifically quartered into several intramural courtyards. The structure is hoisted above the site which creates a spatial quality for the purpose of preserving its original glamour, serenity, and tranquil lifestyles that were once highly appreciated by the community of old town. The façade of the building is cladded with sandstone segments that’s combined with concrete slabs, and more than 100 cantilevering planters that helps create the appearance of greenery along the balconies, corridors, and rooftops of the hotel. The planters are capable of solar shading which can also contribute to the ventilation of cool air which helps reduce the use of air conditioning.


I think that the idea of merging greenery with the concept of design as a source of revitalization really helps re-establish a connection with both the qualities, and natural resources that nature provides. On the other hand, I really don’t understand the idea of shortening the length of each guest room in order to establish a greater sense of greenery throughout the space, but by expanding the widths of the room I believe that it eliminates the idea of space ever truly becoming a problem throughout the hotel. I think this concept it extremely creative, but can quickly become a major fire hazards, and will demand excessive around the clock landscaping in order to really establish the pure serenity that the building design truly offers.


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