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The Lockitron is a smart lock that is attempting to replace the traditional locks on homes. It is meant to act as a quick and easy way to access homes as well as allowing friends and family to operate the lock. However, is this technological advancement necessary?

First, the lock may have quick and easy access, but it is only accessible to those who own a smartphone because it operates through an app. Assuming that this is not a problem, then the Lockitron would mostly benefit entrepreneurs. For example, individuals who work with Airbnbor a similar tradewould be able to unlock or give access to the home for clients at far distances. The homeowner would not need to be present to unlock the door for the client.

Yet, the Lockitron is basically the same as traditional locks; the only difference is that it is key-less. The purpose of the Lockitron is to allow others to access one’s home without the owner being there. This is already happening with traditional locks; people hide spare keys for that purpose and/or for themselveseveryone has been locked out of their house before!

There are questionable aspects of the Lockitron such as theft. For example, it would only be a matter of time for someone to learn how to hack the device. With traditional locks, individuals can pick the lock, but at least there would be a chance of stopping the individual while the lock picker is committing the act. Another aspect to consider is the amount of material that goes into the Lockitron. It could use more or less material than traditional locks and that should be considered before trying to exhibit the device.

The technological advancement of the lock is not necessary. Rather, it is more convenient. The Lockitron did not need to be created, but it will definitely benefit specific individuals.


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  1. Yes, although this technology is amazing, and it is cool, but honestly is it necessary? As technology becomes more immerse in our society, I feel as though people become more and more vulnerable to hacking and being taken advantage of. It would take the hassle away from trying to let one of your friends or relatives inside your home when you aren’t there, but is this necessary? People have managed to find solutions and solve this problem for years upon years, all it takes is some verbal communication between individuals. I think that technology is awesome, and this is a cool idea, but I don’t see the benefits outweighing the negatives with this lock. The only way I can truly see this being efficient is if the system is hack-proof and that there is a way to assure that it only opens through your personal device or serial code. If it is 100% hack proof, I think that this will take the worry away from losing your keys, and also it would be a major convenience for your door to detect when you are approaching. I think it would be smarter to create a remote key, similar to car keys, that has the same software in it as it would in your phone. This way it could be hack free, unless someone literally stole the keys from you.

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