Quaint Spruce-Clad Cottage

Jenny Einhorn | Week 13

K22 Skardsøya by TYIN Tegnestue

K22 Skardsøya by TYIN Tegnestue

This Norwegian cottage embodies the relationship between architecture and site. It is made purely from surrounding materials, and built by the owners themselves. It reflects on Norwegian traditions and being within nature. The prescribed views frame the stunning landscape to evoke the feeling of being one with nature. It is designed simply but it could not be more perfect for the site context.

K22 Skardsøya by TYIN Tegnestue

K22 Skardsøya by TYIN Tegnestue

It enhances the simplistic lifestyle of Norwegian heritage. The simple exterior is complimented by a warm interior to provide a natural homey feeling. The untreated spruce cladding changes as the environment changes, The slanting roof mimics the slope of a mountain, it blends seamlessly into the rocky site. The facade develops a beautiful patina over time.

The building appears to be low to emphasis the connection between the interior and exterior, however it has 3 levels and has a total of 645 sq ft. The rooms appear open and airy, space is managed very wisely.

To me, this cottage is the epitome of residential architecture. the character of the site and owner perfectly exhibited in the use of materials and organizational qualities of a simplistic lifestyle. There will never be another cottage like this, it is original and special.  I love that the owners were highly involved in the construction, making sure that all the details were to their exact specifications. If all residential architecture were done to this level of thought and care, the world would be a more beautiful place.



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  1. ktowberman

    Kyle Towberman
    Week 13
    First of all, I love that someone else has posted about Scandinavian style cottages. I agree, they are some of the most beautiful buildings ever. The use of locally sourced materials is a very green concept, and as a future architect, this is the type of sustainable and eco friendly building I would love to design.
    However, when you state that this is a unique and original building, while that may be true, the concepts that you outlined in your post; the use of mostly local materials(if not ONLY local Materials), a simple design, as well as the owners being involved in the whole process, is not as unique. As a mater of fact, it is somewhat common in the Scandinavian countries (I have done most of my research on Sweden in the past), and is something that the rest of the world should learn from.
    I would like to take your point a little further and argue that Scandinavian house that have been built in this unique style, are the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the world. I say this because of the simplistic, modern design that, in most other places, seems cold and devoid of life. However, the Scandinavian version of this style is able to create, as you say it,” … a warm interior [and] provide a natural homey feeling”. And getting at the point of your article, these buildings are able to stand out amongst their surroundings, while still totally blending in with them at the same time. Unlike most other modern architecture, the goal isn’t to stick out like a sore thumb, but rather blend in with the local environment and exist within it. This is the way that all new buildings should be approached to be more sustainable: how can we fit into nature, instead of making it fit in around us?

    At the bottom of this comment, I have listed some other projects, similar to this one that you may enjoy as well.

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